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Michael Anania

The Best Draft Classes of 2022

With the 2022 NFL Draft in the rearview mirror, it is time to assess the additions for each team. Given that this is a completely subjective exercise, this list is based on a team selecting players below where they were expected to go and filling positions of need...

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Mike Anania’s 3 Round Mock Draft with Trades

The NFL draft is less than 1 week away. For some of us, this is better than Christmas. We spend countless hours analyzing players, teams, schemes, and every little detail that may provide some insight as to where the best draft-eligible collegiate players will end up...

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Mike Anania’s 1st Round Mock 1.0

With the 2022 NFL Draft rapidly approaching, the front offices for all 32 teams are scrambling to arrange their draft boards in a way that most benefits them. There will never be a consensus ranking for every draft-eligible player, but each team will head to pro days,...

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