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Robert Marcello

NL East Weekend Recap 9/19

Going into last week, The Braves were breathing down the necks of the Mets. With under three weeks left in the regular season, Atlanta is still very much in control of winning this division. New York fans should be worried this great year might end with not winning...

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NL East Weekend Recap 9/12

What happened to the Mets? After dominating the division all year long, Atlanta has stormed back. Last week, Atlanta was tied with New York for the division lead. This month of September has been quite friendly to Atlanta. Both Philadelphia and New York have slumped,...

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NL East Weekend Recap 9/5

The Mets lead has shrunk to just a one game lead in the NL East. To say Mets fans are concerned would be an understatement. Atlanta took advantage of poor performances this weekend by their other division foes. Philadelphia coming into this week, holds onto the final...

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NL Weekend Preview 8/25

The New York Mets NL East lead that looked like the knockout punch they needed quickly turned back to pure panic this week as it has shrunk to just 1 ½ game. Braves fans feel better headed to the weekend knowing they have the Mets right where they wanted. After a...

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NL East Weekend Recap 8/21

The Atlanta Braves, at the end of this week, did not make up much ground in hopes of winning the division. New York Mets fans breathed a sigh of relief after a playoff-like series against Atlanta. Philadelphia once again squandered an opportunity to win a series...

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NL East Weekend Recap 8/14

Is it safe to say the Mets are the hottest team in baseball? That depends on who's asking. The Atlanta Braves are back 5 ½ games as we head into the middle of August. Will Atlanta make a push to win the division? Philadelphia is clinging to the last wildcard spot in...

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