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Thomas Murphy
UCONN alum. 8 X Nominated: Boston Sports Blog of the year ( Its a popularity contest and I'm no that popular ) Member of the IBWAA. Ghost writer to the stars. Co Host of One Patriots Place and frequent guest on your favorite Podcasts including the Locked on Network - ESPN - Yahoo Radio. MLB is my wife and the NFL is my mistress

Red Sox Bats Need a Wakeup Call 

As the Red Sox leave the city of big shoulders and bad pizza I hope someone with a clue reminds them that Hitting is a part of this game. Hitting with men on is an important part of this game. Hitting with runners in scoring position is about as important as it gets...

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12 Kind of Suspended in Angels Mariners Brawl 

Some people just can't let hockey season go. In the aftermath of the Angels and Mariners brawl on Sunday MLB handed down suspension to 12 people , notice I didn't say players. Twelve people including Halo’s Manager Phil Nevin and Interpreter ,  Yes interpreter Many...

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Red Sox Stay Red Hot Sweep Cleveland 

Yea Cleveland , I refuse to , I just can't . I’m old, and cranky and you can't make me. Anyway, The Sox stayed hot carrying their brooms with them from Fenway to Progressive Field ( even that hurts too type ) sweeping the “ Cleveland's “ in a three game set. ...

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