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Thomas Murphy
UCONN alum. 8 X Nominated: Boston Sports Blog of the year ( Its a popularity contest and I'm no that popular ) Member of the IBWAA. Ghost writer to the stars. Co Host of One Patriots Place and frequent guest on your favorite Podcasts including the Locked on Network - ESPN - Yahoo Radio. MLB is my wife and the NFL is my mistress

What Are the Red Sox Doing

Someone much smarter than I once described Willie Mays glove as the place .  “Where Triples Go to Die “ Jarren Duran's glove is where routine fly balls go to become triples. Or worse inside the park...

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N’Keal Harry Reboot Could be Over for 2022

 N'Keal Harry Can't catch. A break . The former Patriots first round draft pick was shipped off to the Windy City of Chicago for the Bears second seventh round pick this past off season and now has come up lame with a as Jeremy Fowler put it what could Be a "Severe...

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Red Sox Two Faced Trade Deadline is Par for the Course

    The Red Sox in typical Blooming fashion went in every direction this year at the trade deadline. Bloom zigged and zagged all over the map trying to dodge the bullets being fired from all corners of Red Sox Nation. The media , the pundits , the talking heads, and...

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Nationals Send Juan Soto to San Diego

This years trade deadline had more moves than you could shake a 34' Louisville slugger at . East went west and west went east and "prospects" you will never hear from again were exchanged for superstars who will never buy you dinner....

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Dolphins get Caught Cheating Again

            Back in January Brian Flores was fired as head coach of the Miami dolphins. In February he filed a lawsuit against the NFL and three teams. The Giants the Broncos and the Dolphins for alleged discrimination over his firing by Miami and the interview...

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