Dateline Toronto: We all know how polite our friends in the great white north are. That doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to their pitchers and following the rules of baseball. Kevin Gausman  took the hill for the Jays and all of Canada ( We need to fix this ) last night and proceeded to mow down the depleted Red Sox batting order. Gusman went seven innings, scattered 4 hits ,struck out 10 , and walked just 2 Red Sox Hitters.. 

Bravo Cheater 

Now this isn’t an instance of the Blue Jays spying from the hotel suites in center field. It isn’t a smart watch . it’s not ducking into a closet to watch film during the game. But it’s more blatant than banging a trash can. It’s one of the oldest rules in baseball and Gausman is allowed to flaunt this rule of baseball at his will. I’m not if what umpires are being paid off to allow this travesty to continue start after start – inning after inning – pitch after pitch. But it has to end and I’m here to expose the Blue Jays and Gausman. ( they aren’t , they are just stupid ) 

I Need a Pause Blue 

When Men are On Keven Gausman Balks on Every single Pitch he throws. His funky little windup never stops. There is never a set in his delivery. For Christ Sakes this is a rule every pitcher in baseball has had to deal with since 1898. That’s a Long Ass time for pitchers and umpires to get acquainted with the Thirteen Laws of the Balk . As a coach myself I am quite aware of these Thirteen Laws. Most don’t know or understand all of them. But Every Damn Body Knows with men on and in the stretch: You need to come set for at least ONE BLOODY SECOND in your delivery.

For those of you like Last Nights Umpiring Crew who dont know the Thirteen Laws of the Balk. Here they are

  1. Rule #1: You can’t start your pitching motion and stop, or have extra body movement
  2. Rule #2: You can’t fake a throw to first base
  3. Rule #3: While on the rubber, you can’t throw to a base without stepping toward it
  4. Rule #4: You can’t throw or fake a throw to an unoccupied base
  5. Rule #5: You must come set and fully pause in the stretch position
  6. Rule #6: You cannot perform a quick-pitch
  7. Rule #7: You can’t pitch while not facing the batter
  8. Rule #8: You can’t perform part of the pitching motion while not on the rubber
  9. Rule #10: You can’t stand on–or straddle–the rubber without the ball
  10. Rule #11: You can’t separate the hands once in the set position
  11. Rule #12: You can’t drop the ball while on the rubber
  12. Rule #13: The catcher must be in the catcher’s box for a pitch

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