What a difference a year or so makes. Just two years removed from a 6-10 season the Buffalo Bills are reading their own press clippings and riding the wave of Josh Allen‘s above-average season all the way to Albany to demand, I mean politely ask, for ONE POINT ONE BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer money to build a new stadium in Orchard Park. 

But wait Bills, there’s more 

According to reports, the real number is $1.5 billion. The extra cash? Pegula Sports and Entertainment wants to renovate the Sabres arena in downtown Buffalo. Honestly, people, you can’t make this up. The good people of New York would pick the entire check for these projects.

Personally, I’m sure this is just a starting point in negotiations and the Pegulas will amend this request and put up a few million of their own dollars, you know, to make this more palatable for Mr. and Mrs. Buffalo and all the porta-potty and folding table abusers of western New York. 

Buffalo Bills stadium

Pay up or else 

The Bills lease at “Highmark Stadium“ is up in 2023 and I am sure the Pegulas are letting everyone know that if this doesn’t happen if the state doesn’t come up with the cash needed to erect a new home for the Bills, they have many many suitors that would love to have an NFL franchise. But asking for this kind of coin is unprecedented.

Las Vegas Raiders: Allegiant Stadium, $1.9 billion ($700 million from taxpayers)

Atlanta Falcons: Mercedes-Benz, $1.5 billion ($200 million from Taxpayer)

San Francisco 49ers: Levi’s Stadium, $1.3 billion ($114 million from Taxpayers)

Dallas Cowboys: AT&T Stadium, $1.2 billion ($440 million from Taxpayers)

I could go on and on here. But not since the people of Indiana had to pony up $619 million of the $714 million spent on Lucas Oil Stadium has the public been asked to dig this deep. This has to be one of if not the biggest shakedowns in sports history. 

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