Week 2 picks: 4-1 straight up (9-1 on the season), 4-1 ATS (7-3 70%)

A funny thing happened on the way to the “Worst College Football Saturday of the Year”…it was AWESOME! Just when you think it can’t possibly be great, great happens… Sure, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Clemson all had cupcakes. But Ohio St. was a 14 point favorite at home and got run out of the horseshoe! Notre Dame was a 17 point pick, and needed late-game heroics to beat Holy Toledo!  And the team that came back last week, only to fall to the Irish in OT, Florida St., LOST to FCS Jacksonville St.!  And no, that is not an in-state school, the Gamecocks are from Jacksonville, ALABAMA.

Texas A&M needed a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback with its backup QB to beat a feisty Colorado Buffalo group, and the Miami Hurricanes needed a late 43-yard field goal from Andy Borregales to avoid being added to Appy St. list of upset wins.

And that wasn’t even the most dramatic thing that happened at Hard Rock Stadium as fans united to say the life of a cat that fell from the upper deck, only to be caught by Old Glory.

Battle of Iowa, Michigan closing the gap on Ohio St.

In other significant action, Iowa continued its mastery over Iowa St., winning the Cy-Hawk trophy for the sixth year in a row. The Cyclones were home favorites, but the Hawkeyes went old school Big 10, winning the game with a physical defense, and only 173 yards of total offense.

And speaking of old school Big 10, how about Michigan, who rolled out blue britches to go with their blue jerseys, pounding Washington into submission with only 44 yards of passing. The Wolverines ran the ball for 343 yards and won easily by 21.  Couple that with the Ohio St. loss, and who knows…maybe the gap is closing!

The Texas Longhorns don’t join the SEC for a couple of years, allegedly, but they got a little taste when bitter old rival Arkansas took them out behind the woodshed, averaging 7.1 yards per carry, on the way to 471 yards total in the game.  It was never close, which may be a clue to the fortunes of both the Horns and the Hogs.

So, as we get ready for Week 3 of college football, my three-week rule is firmly in place. Are you who you were in Week 1 or Week 2? The picture will certainly become much clearer with Alabama at Florida, Auburn at Penn St., and Nebraska at Oklahoma on tap, along with several other key games.  The only thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain!

Also! Alabama Bonus Football update! Did I not call the under between the Patriots and Dolphins?

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