Back in January Brian Flores was fired as head coach of the Miami dolphins. In February he filed a lawsuit against the NFL and three teams. The Giants the Broncos and the Dolphins for alleged discrimination over his firing by Miami and the interview process of the Giants and Broncos. Included in that suit was the claim Dolphins owner Steven Ross asked Flores to tank games for pay ( $100,000 a game) and to tamper with a “ Prominent NFL QB”. We all know now that quarterback was definitely Tom Brady. At the time Roger Goodell called the accusations were “Without Merit” 


Not so fast 

In a statement released by the NFL Today goodell admits they found evidence that the Dolphins tampered with Tom Brady while he was under contract with the Patriots as far back as 2019 and did so throughout that season. Even into the Playoffs. Also they had impermissible conversations with both Brady and Agent Don Yee through the 2022 season while he was under contract with the Buccaneers….

But wait there’s more cheating  

The Dolphins also tampered with Saints then Head Coach Sean Peyton about becoming the Dolphins next Head Coach in January of 2022 through his agent, you guessed it Don Yee. Which they did not ask for nor receive permission to do. That’s a no-no as well. And the league has stepped hard but not hard enough on the Dolphins. 


They are being stripped of a first-round pick in 2023, and of a third-round pick in 2024.

Owner Stephen Ross is suspended through Oct. 17, 2022. 

Owner Steven Ross Fined 1.5 million

Dolphins vice chairman/limited partner Bruce Beal is suspended for the 2022 season.


The Dolphins have been cleared by the league of trying to pay Brian Flores to lose games while under contract to them. Why because Flo is too stand up for a guy to actually do anything like this. Or tamper with Tom Brady for that matter. He had NOTHING to do with that. and i still believe Flores 



Dolphins have a Long History of Tampering 

While some will tell you this is just the third time a team has been stripped of a first round pick, in actuality it’s the fourth . The Dolphins were stripped of their first round pick in 1970 after tampering with Don Shula. The hiring came after the league’s merger. And the Colts were awarded the Dolphins first round pick in 1971. It’s also the reason the 1972 Dolphins are the only team with an asterisk after a Super Bowl victory. Decades apart but the same violations. Yes people that little mark is not for perfection it’s for CHEATING. Finally if you think the NFL releasing this on the same day as the MLB Trade Deadline? ive got a bridge to sell you . 


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