Most of the top Free agents have new uniforms to wear whenever this nightmare ends, Freddie Freeman is still a serious chunk of beef in the free agent stew come post lockout. 


Save for a few years on the calendar. Freeman could not have hit the open market at a better time in his career. The 2020 MVP campaign is still in everyone’s mind and  he put up another banner season at the plate. Leading the Braves to their first World Series title in 26 years doesn’t hurt either


Given how much Freeman has meant to the Braves ( the only team he has ever played for), it was shocking to see Atlanta not at least attempt to get a deal done before the lockout. Does this mean Freeman is more likely than not looking to cash in on one more big score before his career comes to a close? Or is he shaking the bush before going back to the Braves with bird in hand ?

Still Got It

Last season, Freeman had a .300 batting average with 31 home runs and 83 RBI. The  five-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger and Gold Glove winner, would be a significant upgrade over anyone in the Red Sox line of sight to take over first base. Freeman has missed a total of seven games over the last four seasons, and he’s had an OPS+ of 132 or better in each of the last nine years. Yes I understand how much you all love Kyle Schwarber. And yes I understand what Bloom has down on HIS farm. Tristian Casas is looming large. at 6’4 how could he not. And there is Bobby Dalbec’s long swing to consider. 


I know more likely than not Freeman will end his career where it began, in Atlanta. I know more likely than not Bloom won’t spend the money it will take to bring in an all star like Freeman. But wouldn’t it be nice if just this one time I was wrong ? 


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