The News Of Ime Udoka’s Affair With A Female Staff Member

In the early hours of the morning on Thursday, Boston Celtics received a crushing blow as their head coach was suspended for violating the team’s code of conduct. As per reports, Ime Udoka had an intimate relationship with a female Celtics staff member. The news of the sexual relationship between the coach and a female member of the team comes as a shock and is a huge blow to the team’s reputation and morale.

Who is Ime Udoka?

Ime Udoka is a basketball coach and former player whose playing career spanned between 2000 and 2012. Following his retirement from the professional sport in 2012, Udoka transitioned to the role of a Coach and has worked with different franchises till now.

He helped lead the West, San Antonio Spurs to an NBA title in the past and played a key role in taking Boson Celtics to the NBA Finals last year.

Ime Udoka Wife – American actress Nia Long

Though Ime Udoka did not officially marry his partner, he has been engaged to the American actress Nia Long since 2010. The couple had two children together and have been together for over a decade.

Ime Udoka’s Fiancée has not commented on the situation so far.

Ime Udoka Suspension

NBA journalists reported that the Celtics had suspended Udoka for his inappropriate behavior and violation of the team’s code of conduct. The whole story of a team coach having an affair with a fellow staffer sounds very disappointing.

As things stand, Udoka is suspended from his coaching role and looking at a heavy penalty in terms of fine and suspension.

In the coming days, further details will be released about Udoka’s suspension. Let’s see how things shape up from here.

Ime Udoka At Celtics

Ime Udoka took charge as the coach of the Boston Celtics in 2021. The first season was a huge success for the team, and the coach, as the Celtics won the Eastern Conference and booked a berth in the finals of the NBA. Though the Celtics lost to Golden State Warriors in the final, the squad looked settled for the upcoming seasons.

Udoka was looking set to resume the good work in the upcoming NBA season.

With this news coming out, everything seems jeopardized. Fans took to Twitter to criticize the Nigerian American coach. His future with the Celtics seems nearly over after his infidelity with a staff member. It would be interesting to see what follows.

Past Career

In the past, Udoka had coaching stints with San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers, and Brooklyn Nets.


The future looks uncertain following the news. It is highly likely that we have seen the end of Udoka’s coaching career. It would be interesting to see how the NBA community reacts to it.