Twenty-four women accused Deshaun Watson of assault in civil lawsuits filed in Harris County, Texas. The lawyer representing them, Tony Buzbee, said the women echoed one another’s claims of sexual misconduct and coercive behavior against Watson. TWENTY FOUR, One game for every four women who first came forward to expose this man for who and what he is.  ( i will leave it up to you people to make up your own minds as to who and what he is) yes i know the numbers climbed. 

Calvin Ridley : 17 Games for Gambling 

Vontez Burfict : 12 Games for Targeting 

DeAndre Hopkins : 6 Games for PED’s

Josh Gordon : 25 Games for Herb 

Darren Waller : 16 Games for Substance Abuse 

Tom Brady : 4 Games for ( Being a Patriot ) 


DeShaun Watson: 6 Games for varied Sexual misconduct allegations. 

They are calling it “ Sexual Misconduct “

okay how about serial sexual misconduct ?  because that’s the only term I can come up with after 30 women came fourth with the same accusations. The same stories. Living the same nightmare. Grand Juries and Settlements be damned. Anyone who is the son of a mother , brother of a sister, father of a daughter should be outraged at this phony suspension. This is how little the NFL thinks of women. Knock your wife out cold in an Elevator ? Ray Rice gets Two Games . forget Goodells “i didn’t get it right” statement, Watson wont appeal the six. And neither will the NFL. 


Last year the Texans benched Watson for the season but kept paying him, He’s keeping that money by the way. The Browns traded for him and gave this serial sexual misconductor 230 million guaranteed dollars for his pain and suffering of being benched and outed. To add insult to the victims injury , the Browns structured his contract so he will only make $690,000 dollars this season…So when the league did come down on Watson it would cost him DICK. The Athletic reported back in March that 13 NFL teams were in the hunt to reward this Asshat. If this had been anyone off the streets they would have to beg and plead for a minimum wage job. Once They were out of prison. Watson should have gotten a minimum of two years for this disgusting behavior.


Watson should have had to sacrifice last years salary while sitting out. The league should appeal the Judges order of six games and rip up the $$ in the first year of this deal to reflect the entirety of his contract and that money should go to an awareness or survivors program. The NFL doesn’t give a damn about women , be it players or owners ( We see you Daniel Snyder) all they care about is the bottom line all they care about is lining their pockets …Right now I just feel sick to my stomach.  And I need a drink 


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