The Sox Won’t See an AL East Division opponent again until August 11th. Thats the good News. The Bad News the Sox have fallen back to .500 at 48-48. Injuries be damned rookies all over the roster be damned. what we witnessed over the weekend was nothing short of embarrassing. Swept . Outscored 40-10 . The Sox are 1-9 in their last ten. I swear to all mighty George Scott I haven’t felt this bad since the 70’s.

“The brand of baseball we’re playing is awful,” Manager Alex Cora said. “We’re not catching the ball, we’re not putting good at-bats, we’re not throwing strikes. It’s bad. It’s really bad right now. But, we’re talented, and we can turn it around quick.”


How talented This team is I’m not quite sure of right now. Routine fly balls are lost in the ” Twilight ” pop ups in the infield look like interweb meme’s with three Red Sox pointing their fingers at the other – I thought you had it- I thought you had it – someone shoot me.


Toss out the first

Rookie Brain Bello pitched what could be called his best start of the season here in Boston yesterday.  The righty gave up five runs ( there were some tough breaks here ) in the first, but settled down after that not allowing another run. Sawamura came in to relive the kid in the fifth and the wheels immediately fell off the bus.


I could go on and talk up Jackie Bradley’s two home run weekend. or Jarren Duran’s extra base outburst. he had a double and a triple yesterday but I wont. this team is playing sloppy – stupid – unwatchable baseball right now. and I just can’t. they are playing right into Chaim Blooms hands . he wants to sell and they are inviting the buyers in the door for him.



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