Where’s the White Suit Ray ? Where’s the white Feckin Suit? Now that we have that out of the way. It’s Ravens week. I Love Baltimore. A city is steeped in history, did you know the first Washington Monument is in Baltimore? From their adoption of Boston’s own Edger Alen Poe. you know he was born here right ? to the inner harbor and the Marketplace to its people and their amazing accent. There is little to nothing I don’t like about this great city. So pour yourself a glass of ice “wooder” and let’s get into “dis”. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory. 

Get up Early

We all know by now this team is not built to play from behind. Get points on the board early and I mean sixes people not threes 

Set Up The Run with the Pass 

Huh what ? you heard me. Yes I know the dynamic duo looked good last week but this is not last week. The offense needs to get going through the air on Sunday. Spread them out and sling it against a very beatable Ravens secondary. I look for not so Lil’Jordan Humphry to get even more involved in the Joker TE role. And Kendrick Bourn to bring me the YAC I so deeply love. This should also be a bounce back week for Hunter Henry who was not deeply involved in last weeks plan,  

Up the Protection 

While McCorkle had himself a decent outing on Sunday vs Pittsburgh you could tell he still wasn’t comfortable in the pocket. The happy feet were quite evident. With my first key cut in the way it was, the line needs to be on the same page and build off last week’s efforts. Keep Mac upright and pretty. You know, for the ladies. 


The Weeklies 

Win the Turnover Battle – Extra possession could be the trump card Sunday 

Own Third Down – last week was a mixed bag the Pats were 9 of 17 on conversions themselves but allowed the Steelers to hang around allowing 8-15 

Vary Tempo – when they did this last week the ball moved well, need to see more of it Matty 

Limit the Laundry – 7 for 55 yards is just too much stupid for me to handle. I may have a stroke if the Pats are playing from behind the chains this week.

Crush and Contain 

This may not be a huge week stat wise for the defensive line but they will need to get a good push upfront, eat up space and allow the ends to crash down keeping Jackson in the pocket. Gap integrity is paramount vs a QB with Jackson’s speed and athleticism. Hopefully Kyle Dugger will be down in the box spying. And the Linebackers are quick to fill the holes they are supposed to, do not over-pursue. Repeat, do not over-pursue !!! 


That’s it my rabid readers. As always you can Follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207