My Monster 2022 Patriots Wish List 


“Once more unto the breach dear friends , once more.” Predicting the Patriots draft. This is a fool’s errand. While others try to predict, prognosticate, and prophesize what The Hoodie will do each April, I forgo that folly and just go with my gut. Is this perfect ? Hell no. What is this time of year?  But it sure is a lot more fun than trying to read the mind of a mad genius. So here it is. My Monster 2022 Patriots Draft. Wish List 

First round: 21st overall : Nakobe Dean LB Georgia 

Dean is the first round pick sent down from Mt Olympus to electrify the Patriots slow plodding aged defence. 2021 Butkus award winner who lacks the Patriots prototypical size. But has speed to burn and makes plays at every level. The man possesses a MENSA level football IQ and the skills to go along with that. This is the pick. Dean is a game changer on this side of the ball, a run stopper, an RPO antidote and can drop into zone. 

Second round: 54th overall: John Metchie WR Alabama 

I gave you a defensive game changer in RD 1, why stop there? Metchie is the next man up for the Patriots. Yes I know the ACL, but every report says he is well ahead of schedule. Metchie is versatile enough to play the Z as well as in the slot and creates separation like few others you will find in this class. And once he has his hands on the ball the Yac attack is just plain awesome to witness. Don’t wait till three he won’t be there. This is the WR pick you can’t screw up. 

Third round: 85th overall : Max Mitchell OT OT Louisiana Lafayette 

I had Georgia RB James Cook here. But I couldn’t pull the trigger. The OL is just too thin to ignore a 6’6 300 LB tackle that is one of if not the best run blockers in this draft. Mitchell doesn’t get beat by speed rushers and is able to push and guid power guys past the pocket. He;s a Rt but I think can also play on the left side if needed. I wanted the weapon but the Pats needed the wall. Bill may be able to trade back here a bit and still get Max 

Fourth round: 127th overall : Cole Strange G Chattanooga 

Going into the Senior Bowl I had no idea how good Cole Strange was. Coming out of it I had hung the moniker Dr. Strange on him. Some call him undersized but I see some Joe Thuney in Dr. Strange. He moves to the second level really well to shut out potential tacklers and with some added weight could be a force on the line here for a long time. 


Fifth round: 158th overall (via Miami) Cordale Flott CB LSU 

Flott is the other guy at LSU.  Sometimes the other guy that slips under the radar while folks are watching the flash that is Derek Stingley becomes a solid NFL CB. Flott is a bit of a project and with the return of Malcolm Butler there is some time for him to understudy and learn the Patriot’s system. 

From this point on there will be moving up and down to get these Bodies into Patriots uniforms so ignore the slots. 


Sixth Rd 183 ( via Houston ) Derion Kendrick CB Georgia 

Kendrick had a very rough day at the combine, that’s why he is here. But if you watched him play football you understand why I’m happy about it. In 233 coverage snaps he allowed just eight catches all season. Not one of them went for six . 


Sixth round: 200th overall Matt Ariza P San Diego ST 


The “Punt God”’ in round six, can you ask for more? As much as we all love Jake Bailey, he has a 4 million dollar cap hit and didn’t look himself last year. Time for some competition. Ariza also place kicked in college. Very Interesting. 


Sixth round: 210th overall (via LA Rams) Christopher Allen OLB Alabama 


Allen is a project.  If the Pats still have this pick they could do a lot worse. Allen is good in coverage and handles both tight ends and slot guys well for a man 6’4 and 240. 

Seventh Rd 245 Houston Thomas Booker DL Stanford 


Booker plays well across the line and could be a nice project here at 245. At 6’4 and 315 He has the size to disrupt and fill gaps and is built to add LBS. What do you want? I’m at 245 here 


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