4 pm Update-  At 2:50 PM, it was reported that Kevin Durant is pushing his trade out of Brooklyn with the Suns a real interesting team to watch.  The Mavs, Clippers, Heat, and Celtics are said to be in the mix.

-It’s more likely that Kyrie Irving is the piece that goes to Dallas.

-From a source E2G Trusts in the league.  The Celtics’ main interest is clearing space out to bring in Bradley Beal.  It could be a lot of small moves, Beal on board, and then add veteran role players.


-Shams is reporting Jalen Brunson will sign a 4-year deal for over 100 million dollars.  No surprise, he has family in the organization.

6p Eastern

Devin Booker gets paid


Malik Monk to the Kings official


Bobby Portis back to Milwaukee


No Beal to Boston, resigns in Washington


Lu Dort back to OKC


Chris Boucher stays in Canada with the Toronto Raptors


3 years/33 million for Tucker in Philly

The Pistons have signed Marvin Bagley III to a 3-year deal.