The Red Sox suffered more than a 13-2 loss to the New York Yankees on Sunday. After waiting for what felt like six months ( Actually it was six months )  for Chris Sale to come back from a fractured rib he was forced to exit just his second start with a broken finger. Sale suffered the injury in the bottom of the first when a line drive off the bat of Aaron Hicks struck him on the hand. The Red Sox later announced the injury as a left fifth finger fracture, that’s the pinky boys and girls. 

Sale hit the ground immediately after being struck then immediately walked off the field holding up his left hand to show the world a digit that looked more like it belonged to an NFL Center than a baseball teams left handed ace. 

Sale told reporters he thinks he will “miss six to eight weeks” , ( pull this leg now) “ but he will pitch again this season” His words not mine people. 

Sale Missed all of 2020 and most of 2021 after undergoing Tommy John , then the Ribcage thing and other “ Assorted Setbacks” hit him before the liner by Hicks in the bottom of the first yesterday afternoon. 

The Sox rotation is in shambles.

Nate Eovaldi just returned after missing more than a month but, Rich Hill – Michael Wacha – Josh Winckoqwski and Connor Seabold are all on the DL. Now any normal thinking “ Chief Baseball Officer “ would be beating the bushes from viable arms to bolster this rotation. Does anyone here think The Bloomin CBO will be doing any of that ? Nah me either.

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