Patriots’ First-Round pick Mac Jones signs rookie contract 

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Foxborough: The Patriots officially inked their number one pick, fifteenth-overall in last year’s NFL Draft. Mac Jones is now truly a Patriot. (I will pause for Street Dancing. But please no more fireworks.) 

The Deal with Jones

Jones signed a four-year, $15.6 million dollar deal. Being a first-round selection, there is a fifth-year option the Patriots can (and more than likely will) choose to exercise, This deal according to Miguel Benzan AKA PatsCap leaves the Pats with $13.06 million in cap space. 

What’s next for New England

Well for Mac Jones it’s back to the playbook and the practice field. For the Pats, it’s back to the table to work out deals with second-round pick DT Christian Barmore also out of Alabama, and fourth-rounder Outside Linebacker and Oklahoma product, Ronnie Perkins. Both deals should come in short order as they are slotted and the Pats are just working out the language. Fourth-round RB Rhamondre Stevenson, also out of Oklahoma, was signed earlier in May

The elephant in the room 

Stephon Gilmore is still in need of a new deal, Jones and the rest of the rookie class are chewing up space, a deal still needs to be hammered out and time’s a-wastin’. I am still confident that it can and will get done. When – I’m not as sure of. 

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