NFL Draft Picks 11 thru 15


11. New Orleans Saints – Chris Olave (WR) (Ohio State) – Buddy : his nickname is “smooth operator” a deep threat.


12. Detroit Lions – Jameson Williams (WR) (Alabama) – Buddy : good fit, good offensive group. Hopefully he buys in.


13. Philadelphia Eagles – Jordn Davis (DT) (Georgia) – Mike : Interesting pick, I don’t value the DT     position really. I like the player but dont know if he is top 13 worthy.


14. Baltimore Ravens – Kyle Hamilton (S) (Notre Dame) – Buddy – didn’t expect him to make it that far but its a great fit for Baltimore. Mike : smart move by the Ravens.


15. Houston Texans – Kenyon Green (G) (Texas A&M) – Mike: definitely a premiere pick, I love the player just a little surprised.  Buddy : I am a big Green fan, great move.