NFL Draft 2022 – Picks 16 thru 20


16. Washington Commanders – Jahan Dotson (WR) (Penn State) – Mike : weird pick…… didn’t see him            inside the top 25.


17. Los Angeles Chargers – Zion Johnson (G) (Boston College) – Buddy : Tough, physical player, good            professional player.


18. Tennessee Titans – Treylon Burks (WR) (Arkansas) – Mike : I love this player but underwhelmed by            the trade for it.


19. New Orleans Saints – Trevor Penning (T) (Northern Iowa) – Mike : I only saw him having 2 possible landing spots, NO or Pittsburg. Good fit, all around tackle, fills a giant need.


20. Pittsburg Steelers – Kenny Pickett (QB) (Pittsburg) – Mike : not shocked by this but his hand size has come into question which is a concern for cold weather and grip. I do think he is the most NFL ready.