Going into last week, The Braves were breathing down the necks of the Mets. With under three weeks left in the regular season, Atlanta is still very much in control of winning this division. New York fans should be worried this great year might end with not winning their division. Philadelphia remains in that final wildcard spot in this year’s playoff format. October baseball is on the horizon! 


New York Mets (93-55) 

9/15 Vs. Pirates (W 7-1)

9/16 Vs. Pirates (W 4-3) 

9/17 Vs. Pirates (W 5-1)  

9/18 Vs. Pirates (W 7-3) 


The New York Mets made this weekend’s series look easy. Sweeping a four-game set is never as simple as it seems. With Atlanta right behind them, it’s time for New York to press on the gas. Carlos Carrasco and Chris Bassitt contributed to this weekend’s sweep with spectacular pitching performances.    


 Atlanta Braves (91-55) 

9/16 Vs. Phillies (W 7-2)  

9/17 Vs. Phillies (W 4-3)    

9/18 Vs. Phillies (W 5-2)    


Atlanta continues their winning ways this weekend. The Braves quickly swept the series against a playoff-caliber team in the Phillies. The schedule going forward will dictate what kind of team Atlanta is. Will they be the kind of team that takes care of business? Or are they going to crumble and be stratified with a wildcard spot? Knowing the Braves, they will try to win a division crown!  

Philadelphia Phillies (80-66) 

9/16 @ Braves (L 7-2) 

9/17 @ Braves (L 4-3)  

9/18 @ Braves (L 5-2)  


Not much went right for the Phillies this weekend as Atlanta swept them. They still hold onto a wildcard spot going into this week. Philadelphia wants to leave no doubt they deserve to play in October. The Phillies control their destiny the rest of the way.


Miami Marlins (60-87) 

9/16 @ Washington (L 5-4) 

9/17 @ Washington (L 5-3)  

9/18 @ Washington (W 3-1)  


The Marlins avoid the dreadful sweep this weekend by winning on Sunday. After an excellent 2020 season, the past two years for Miami have not been memorable. Sandy Alcantara will more than likley win the NL Cy Young award. Is it time for a managerial change? Do the Marlins spend an outrageous amount of money this offseason to improve their team? Next April, we will all find out what kind of team the Marlins put on the field! 


Washington Nationals (51-95) 

9/16 Vs. Marlins (W 5-4)

9/17 Vs. Marlins (W 5-3)   

9/18 Vs. Marlins (L 3-1) 


Washington has not had a great 2022, but they’ve had a wonderful month of September. When it looks like they should give up, the Nationals have brought the energy daily. It’s not a coincidence that other NL East teams are having trouble against Washington.