I really hate being right all the time. But I told you this was going to happen, Yes the Owners Greed has pushed the players to unanimously vote down their “Last Best Proposal ”


MLB owners laid down their gauntlet and the players union rightfully said FU. After months of not talking at all, meeting for minuets and not hours. And a complete lack of respect for the people who line their pockets (Thats You People) we are headed to a long drawn out season of discontent, The un-glorious summer begins.

Make no mistake people everything you’ve heard and read over the past 48 hours was nothing more than framing the MLBPA as the bad guys. it was all propaganda. Leaked garbage to trusted reporters. Not journalists.  REPORTERS , spewing their bile to make the players look like the villains.

MLB Trade rumors posted this in December. The Net worth of every owner and ownership group in MLB.

Cry me a river John Henry. Go Back to England , the rest of you go crawl back under your rocks


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