Want flash ? Want splash ? Well here you go. The Patriots have traded for DeVante Parker. The Pats, according to reports, get Parker and a 2022 fifth round pick. The Phish get a 2023 third round pick. So adjust your mock drafts people. Yes the Patriots get younger and better in 2022  for the cost of a 2023 third. That the pats will recoup for JC Jacksons stupidity. 

We all know Bill loves players who ball out against his defense and he has had plenty of that to see in DeVante Parker. In twelve games vs the Pats he has snagged 42 of 71 targets for 597 yards and a TD. most of that coming against Stephon Gilmore. But you’re asking “Is there more Murph ?” you’re smart people you’re asking.  yes yes i do. 


Against the Bill’s Parker has pulled in 63 of 109 passes tossed his way for 833 yards and 4 scores. And against the Jets 37 of 67 for 486 and another 4 sixes. He brings it in the division. True he has had injury issues but in 2019 his only healthy year he had 72 receptions for twelve hundred yards and Nine touchdowns. Yes we like this. And according to @Patscap Miguel Benhe has just a 6.044 mm dollar cap hit. We like this a lot. 

The Moral of the story 


Both Rome and NFL Teams are not built in a day. Sometimes you go shopping the first week of Christmas and miss the supersales the week of. Relax people let this all play out and then Watch out. This deal was a no brainer. And a steal if Parker stays on the field. 


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