Five times in the last six games the Red sox have failed to plate three runs. Yes you read that right. In five of the past six they have scored two or fewer runs. Go check my math I’ll wait. 

In the first inning of yesterday’s loss to the Rays there seemed to be hope. Four hits two runs. Hey this was more like it. Then crickets. Boston had just two hits the rest of the game. In fact they went three and out in the: Second – Third – Fourth – Seventh and Ninth inning of Sunday’s loss. 

In sixteen games the Sox are slashing .225 / .276 / .350 / .626 line. That’s good for Nineteenth in MLB and Ninth in the American League. This lineup was supposed to be the Red Sox saving grace this season. But to date it has been their biggest issue. 


Who’s on First 

It doesn’t really Matter. The gaping hole in this lineup is once again at  first. As it was before the Schwarber deal last season. This is the defining position for what this writer can only describe as the grim reaper spot in the Sox order. Bobby Dalbec went 0-4 again yesterday and is now 46 points below the Mendoza line (.154 / .216 / .269 / .484 ) Travis Shaw ? Hell, Shaw wishes he was stroking the ball as well as Bobby D. “ Mr Blutarski “ is Zero Point Zero across the board in seventeen plate appearances. That’s right Shaw  hasn’t even drawn a walk. God i miss Schwarber. 


Hey But it’s still early, right ? 


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