Was this the way in 2021 ? Did the Red Sox improbable run that carried them all the way to the ALCS blow up the laboratory that Chaim is using to create his spare parts monster as Red Sox Chief of Baseball Operations ? Is his and John Henry’s plan of a low cost Red Sox team finally coming to fruition? You bet your ass it is. 

Bloom didn’t expect Kike Hernandez to be embraced by the masses the way he was , Or bat .290 with nine home runs in July and August. he certainly didn’t expect him to lock in like he did in the post season. He didn’t expect Hunter Renfroe to drive in 96 Runs on the back of 31 round trippers. And I don’t think he expected the second half that Bobby Dalbec had. ( did you ?) . In short he expected to be a seller not a buyer at the trade deadline…… Oops 


Unhappy Accidents 

But they, Bloom and Henry were stuck with it. A winning team. Frankenstein’s monster was twenty one games over .500 at the trade deadline ( 63- 42 ). He was forced to upgrade the team and not sell off its assets. He couldn’t ship off his MLB talent for cheap cost effective prospects to fill his barn yards. Eduardo Rodriguez would have to be sacrificed to Free Agency. Kyle Schwarber Bloom’s forced acquisition also would be gone after the run. And Hunter Renfroe would be shipped off to the Brewers for the last year of Jackie Bradley Jr’s contract and more overvalued prospects. 


Blooms Bride of Frankenstein 

This year will be quite different. The Sox are currently dead last in the AL East. If Bloom and Henry expected to be carried into the playoffs on the new expanded system with this squad they were sorely mistaken, But I don’t think that was the case. The groundwork for the end of July was set in stone when contract negotiations on both Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers were leaked to the press. Both offers were considered at the least lowball, and described by some sources as insulting. The X man would have to play ball as he has a no trade clause. But Devers could bring home the mother load of future low cost Red Sox that you all will pay the league’s highest prices to see. Right now Bloom and Henry are praying the team’s top end talent can straighten themselves out. Not to make another run in the postseason. But to get as much back as they can in any moves this greedy owners mad scientist can make 


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