Over the past week much speculation has been put on the name of Christian Vázquez. While many are working out on their own during the lockout Vaz has been getting his work done playing for Cangrejeros de Santurce of the Puerto Rican Winter League. 

Now here’s the rub. Vázquez has been playing strictly at first base and DH. Que the looks of shock and awe. Relax people. There is no intention by the Red Sox of moving Vázquez from behind the plate. Many have speculated this but nothing could be further from the mind of Chaim Bloom. 

Not that Bloom didn’t Try

The Sox did look to bolster the catching position before the lockout looking into a possible move for Pirates backstop Jacob Stallings that never came to fruition. and the Bucs have since moved him to the Marlins. This leaves only Vázquez as an every day option behind the plate with Kevin Plawecki and Connor Wong fighting for the back up spot on the opening day roster. whenever that might be. 


Most of you brushed this off as “Lock out filler” for writers trying to get clicks during this dead zone period but I have been asked many times if there is anything to the speculation. I’m here to tell you RELAX. Vaz is simply working on his stroke. And will be behind the plate opening day. First Base / DH = Knee Break 


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