So it would seem Alex Cora is done dicking around in the bullpen, over the weekend series with the Cardinals it became quite clear that John Schreiber and Tanner Houck own the eighth and ninth innings. Thank Christ. 

After months of dinking and dunking – mixing and matching – twisting and turning, Alex has grown a set and let the Blooming GM know. Old School is the way to go. 

“It’s kind of back to old school baseball, Unique structure back there, and since (Schreiber) got here, it started with him and other guys have thrown the ball well. We feel comfortable with where we’re at, bullpen-wise.”


Tanner Houck now owns the ninth and John Schreiber has been locked in as his set up guy. Tanner picked up his third and fourth save over the weekend’s action against the Powder Blue sporting Cards ( god I love those uniforms don’t you ?) . While Schreiber ripped through the heart of the Cards order in the eighth inning yesterday, he also hasn’t allowed an earned run in his last eight trips to the mound. 

“A lot of people work hard to get to this point, starting with him. Obviously, He throws strikes with good stuff. He’s 92 to 95 (mph with his fastball) with a slider. There’s a lot of confidence. We like him in that role.”

Cora on Schreiber 

We ( you – me – anyone with a clue ) have been begging and pleading for this all year. Yes we realize Cora was hamstrung by a moron in the front office. But now there is no reason not to ride these arms up the standings and into the playoffs. We all want October baseball. Lets just keep Chaim down in the basement with his red stapler until the trade deadline. In fact let’s not even let him out for that.  


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