In a move that shocked the world ( sarcasm ) The Boston Red Sox picked up their options on Alex Cora’s contract. He will now helm the Red Sox from now until the end of the 2024 season, Or until Chiam Bloom sees otherwise. 

Cora was the manager when Boston won 108 games in 2018 and then went on to win the World Series defeating the Dodgers in Five Games. He also managed the team in 2019 before he was “suspended” in 2020 for being tossed under a bus by the Astros in their sign-stealing scandal. A Sandal he owned. After that suspension was lifted, the Red Sox brought him back going into this past season on a two-year contract. With this latest news, however, it’s effectively a four-year deal. 



Cora came back and showed why he is truly one of the best Managers in baseball. Taking a team most pundits ( myself included ) saw as a .500 ball club. He mixed and matched – rotated and pushed a group that looked on paper to be too young, too unproven and too dull. into a group of players driven, focused and exciting. A group embraced by the fans of the Old Town team like one I haven’t seen since the early 2000’s. 



When Cora was initially announced as the skipper I was sure this was a scapegoat move by Bloom. A Patsy to take the fall when Bloom’s low cost Moneyball business model fell apart. And to a degree I still believe that. The one thing Bloom didn’t count on was how damn good Alex Cora is at this job. Now maybe Bloom can start doing his.



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