According to MLB Network’s John Heymen, the Red Sox are making a major push to sign free agent first baseman Freddie Freeman. Late last night Jordan Brown announced on Twitter that the Yankees had dropped out of the race for Freeman and have brought back 2021 trade deadline acquisition Anthony Rizzo. Seemingly exiting themselves from the Freeman ballroom. 

Back to Heyman . 

Now far be it from me to dispute anything Heyman floats out here as anything but genuine. But this is anything but genuine. And that’s no fault of Johns. I’m not pointing a finger at him at all. I’m pointing a finger at Freedie Freeman’s agent and the Red Sox. for pulling the wool over your eyes. It’s obvious that Freeman has not gotten the offers he was expecting from the Dodgers – Yankees – Blue Jays and if you can believe it the Rays. 

Back to Boston 

Now why would the Red Sox and Chaim Bloom allow this to go on? Well one the sox and Bloom are being dragged through the streets for once again cheaping out on payroll for a third straight year. Even though the CBT has soared to 230 million dollars in 2022. The Sox are sitting at between 167 and 168 million, plus a few bucks still owed to Dustin Pedroia and Manny Ramirez. Bloom recently went out and signed Lefty Bullpen arms Jake Diekman and Matt Strraham. Adding to the list of pitchers bloom has spent frugally on this off season. Michael Wacha – James Paxton and Rich Hill. Once again on the cheap Bloom has remade his bullpen and added innings eaters to the starting rotation.  Allowing this rumor to go on makes it look like Bloom and Sam Kennedy are willing to spend money. 

The Other Shoe 

When it drops will be. We ( the Red Sox ) were in on Freeman. But once again we were just outbid. Make no mistake, that scene at the end of Moneyball where Brad Pitt was weighing the offer made to him by John Henry because of the low cost competitive teams he put on the field for Oakland is who John Henry is. He wants to get there as cheaply as possible. He sees how the A’s operated, he sees how the Rays are operating, this is why Bloom was brought in. If Freeman ends up in Boston I’ll eat my hat. And Christ id love ot eat my hat