Remember that good feeling you had a week ago? The Red Sox had taken two of three from the Rangers. Backed that up with two of three off the Astros, Swept a four game set off the Mariners. Put up 33 runs winning another series out in Chicago. Ahh the good old days . 

The Sox came home riding high. The pitching was on point and hitting was timely. Runners left on base ? Please. That was the Sox of April, this was May. Trevor Story is hitting the cover off the ball and is the player of the week. With the bottom of the lineup getting on base Xander and Raffy had runs to drive in. J.D Martinez is leading the universe in hitting. Everyone was making plans for a run at the expanded wildcard spot. October baseball was being talked about in not so hushed tones. 

Hey Look, the Orioles. 

After being outplayed in a rare five game set that included a split of a double header: The Red Sox are now 3-5 vs the Birds. Yes the Boston Red Sox are three and five vs a team with a 47 million, 109 thousand, 497 dollar payroll. I’m going to need to pause here for a second so my head doesn’t explode. 

The troubles truly started Friday night. Up 8-2 the Sox pen gave up ten unanswered runs in the last three innings losing 12-8. Then the split on Saturday before exploding for twelve runs on Sunday. Only to be shut down Monday in a 10-0 loss. Again there isn’t enough booze. 

The Cowpen 

As of this very moment the sox have one of if not the worst pens in baseball. They have lost 13 games this season. That’s 29th in MLB. They have blown 12 saves. That’s dead last in baseball. I’m pretty sure that globally. Their ERA is 3.95. Good for 18th in MLB. Again not where you want to be. And only four pens have pitched more innings than the Sox 196. This in a nutshell is why the Sox are 10 ½ games back. This is the reason why they are under .500 on the season 23-26 , on the road 11-13 and worst of all at home 12-13.


They just don’t have the horses at the back end. They don’t have a legitimate closer. And they don’t have anything down on the farm to inject any life into this set of dead arms. Yes these guys can get hot for a week or three. But they can’t keep it up all year. 


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