I’d say I hate to say I told You So. but you’d know that was a lie. I love to say I told you so. Back in November, just about the same time the Sears Christmas Wishbook came out when I was a kid, the Hiroshima Carp posted Seiya Suzuki. It’s all I asked the Red Sox for. It’s all I wanted under the tree. Of course as you all know we didn’t get a Suzuki. The Cubs did. 

Jed Hoyer in the midst of a massive sell off including  Yu Darvish, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Báez and Craig Kimbrel had a plan. And it included what some called the Japanese flavor of the year. But  the Umami that is Seiya Suzuki has the rest of the league and the Sox drooling over what they left on the table. For just 85 million dollars plus a posting fee of 14. 6 million to the Carp the Cubs taste buds are dancing all over the Northside of Chicago. 

Is it a small sample size ? Sure, what else would you call 39 plate appearances? But those 39 times at the dish have been full of flavor. Suzuki is slashing .429/.564/.929 . He has almost as many total bases 26 as he does At Bats 29. He has crushed 4 home runs and has one more RBI 11 than he has games played,10. You missed the dinner bell Bloom. 

Cubs manager and old friend David Ross has played this smartly. Slowly moving Suzuki up in the lineup. Batting him 6th in 3 games – 5th in 5 games and 4th in one game, before slipping him into the 2 hole yesterday afternoon. Where he finally had an O’for. Though he did walk 3 times. And I don’t see him moving back down in the lineup. Seiya will fill that two spot for the next five years. Will he bat .400 ? hell no. will he slash anywhere close to the line he has in this tiny sample. Forget about it. But he will hit .330 and smack 30 plus home runs and drive in 125 a year. For the next half decade.. Meanwhile the Red sox are platooning JBJ and a second baseman in right field. Where Seiya Suzuki has played every day for the Cubs.