• The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Deebo Samuel have agreed to a 3-year contract extension with a price tag of $71.55-million. The new deal carries $58.1 million guaranteed and has a max value of $73.5 million.


  • Retired judge Sue L. Robinson has let the NFL and the NFL Players’ Association know that she is ready to issue a ruling on Watson’s disciplinary hearing. The hearing concluded a month ago but she will announce her ruling on Monday.


  • Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Van Jefferson may have a delayed start to his season. Jefferson missed Saturdays practice do to a knee injury that has been affecting him recently. He will see a specialist on Monday and hopes to have more answers following the appointment. Sean McVay when asked told reporters on Saturday that they are “working through the current situation but he had no more information then that.




  • Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto has grown tired of hearing about the trade deadline. The 23-year-old star turned down a giant 15-year, $440-million contract extension earlier in the season from the Nationals. This is what Soto had to say when asked about it all on Sunday :

“I just want to get it over with and see what’s going to happen. I mean, just go over that day and start over here or wherever I’m at.”


  • Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout got some positive news after a visit with spine specialist Dr. Robert Watkins on Thursday. Trout was recently diagnosed with a rare back condition called costovertebral dysfunction at T5. Now he may be back on the field sooner than originally expected. Trout said on Sunday:

“It went from my career is over to hopefully I’m going to play soon, but it’s just one of those things. It’s scary. A back injury for a baseball player. You go through stuff. I get it. But you like hearing news from a doctor who knows what he’s talking about, and Watkins is one of the best.”


  • Boston Red Sox designated hitter J.D. Martinez has made his feelings about being part of trade rumors ahead of Tuesday deadline very clear. Martinez is due to become a free-agent after this season. Boston is reportedly asking for a top-five prospect, one MLB player, and an additional piece and/or cash in return. J.D. when asked about it said:

“I want to make this as hard on Chaim (Bloom) as possible,”