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Tag: AL East

MLB AL East Week Preview – 8/9/21

The Red Sox look to get back on track with winning games again. The Yankees and Blue Jays are trying to gain ground in the division. The Rays look to stay put in first place. Let’s see what happened over the weekend and...

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AL East week wrap up – 8/6/21

The Red Sox are trying to find that mojo they had in winning games. What was once just looking at the second wild-card spot looks to be higher for the Yankees as they creep closer to second place. The Rays look to add more...

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MLB AL East week preview – 8/2/21

This week will be the first full week of the newcomers playing for their new teams… kind of like the first full week at a new school. With the Rays and Red Sox not really making much-needed moves at the deadline, we should...

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