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Red Sox Stay Red Hot Sweep Cleveland 

The Dog Days are upon us. That’s okay, we love dogs. As the Sox head north for a three game set to close out June they are looking at an AL East heavy July. The schedule is littered with Blue Jays – Rays and Yankees Oh My

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Red Sox Nation I Want you to Boycott for Xander Bogaerts 

It’s hard to imagine this team without Xander. I agree it was difficult to see it without Mookie and you would have to go back to Carlton Fisk to find a WTF moment as to a player so ingrained into the lexicon of Boston leaving. But unless “ We The People “ stand up and demand our god given right to watch this man play. He may be gone before the season ends. 

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Is The MLB Deadball Era Back 

Maybe just maybe it isn’t Trevor Story’s fault. Or anyone else on the Red Sox roster, Or MLB for that matter. It seems the MLB dinger parade is over. At least for the first month plus of the major league baseball season.

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Red Sox Bats Still Missing Balls 

Five times in the last six games the Red sox have failed to plate three runs. Yes you read that right. In five of the past six they have scored two or fewer runs. Go check my math I’ll wait. 

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