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Red Sox Nation I Want you to Boycott for Xander Bogaerts 

It’s hard to imagine this team without Xander. I agree it was difficult to see it without Mookie and you would have to go back to Carlton Fisk to find a WTF moment as to a player so ingrained into the lexicon of Boston leaving. But unless “ We The People “ stand up and demand our god given right to watch this man play. He may be gone before the season ends. 

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The Boston Red Sox Extend Garrett Whitlock 

The Boston Red Sox have signed right-handed reliever Garrett Whitlock to a four-year contract extension, the team announced Sunday. The Deal sits at a guaranteed 18.75 million dollars. Not too shabby for a guy plucked from the same team ballpark when the deal was announced.  

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Sorry Red Sox No Suzuki for you ? 

There’s been plenty of optimism on Red Sox twitter about Suzuki heading to Fenway, and for good reason. He’s got a swing built for Boston and would pound the wall like few we here have seen in recent years,

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Red Sox Pick up Alex Cora’s Options 

Cora was the manager when Boston won 108 games in 2018 and then went on to win the World Series defeating the Dodgers in Five Games. He also managed the team in 2019 before he was “suspended” in 2020 for being tossed under a bus by the Astros in their sign-stealing scandal. A Sandal he owned.

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Are the Red Sox a legitimate contender

Fewer than forty games into the Major League Baseball season, the Red Sox sit atop the AL East and the American League with (after last night’s 3-2 loss to the Athletics’) a record of 22-15. A mark they share with the...

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