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Tag: Dirty Water

Red Sox Wish they all could be California Gaaaaaames 

For those of you keeping score , It’s Six straight wins for the Old Town Team. Did Boston make this trip at the perfect moment in time ? Sure Did. Did they catch a break here or there ? Damn straight . Has this team re-captivated the masses ? You bet your ass it has. 

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Red Sox Nation I Want you to Boycott for Xander Bogaerts 

It’s hard to imagine this team without Xander. I agree it was difficult to see it without Mookie and you would have to go back to Carlton Fisk to find a WTF moment as to a player so ingrained into the lexicon of Boston leaving. But unless “ We The People “ stand up and demand our god given right to watch this man play. He may be gone before the season ends. 

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