The writers have voted and David Ortiz is the only player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will no longer be on the ballots. 


If the writers wanted to make them sweat until the final year, then fine. It’s ridiculous that the writers chose to not vote two great players into the Hall of Fame because they want to act as they care about the players using steroids. They voted in a player whose name was leaked from the Mitchell Report and hasn’t proved it was a false positive. You can’t take Rob Manfred’s word for it either. Especially since he has handled certain “scandals” horribly lately. Not to mention that his “ban from MLB forever” punishment against PEDs only lasts for two years. Then you can say sorry with puppy dog eyes and you are back in the league ready to play. We shouldn’t expect Alex Rodriguez or Manny Ramirez to be voted into the Hall of Fame either.

Now I’m not knocking Big Papi on his induction. I knew he would be a Hall of Famer. I just don’t agree that he is a first-ballot one. That said, regardless of whether you believe he truly took something illegal prior to 2004 or not, his name is attached to the Mitchell Report. The same report Bonds and Clemens are attached to. Just because it wasn’t the same drug doesn’t make it different.


There are 104 names in the Mitchell Report and there is no doubt that at least a couple have been or will be voted into the Hall of Fame with the assumption of the player being clean. There are others that will be voted in that tested positive once during the earlier times when MLB was figuring out their policy before they started making changes to it. Those one-time positive results were never released to the public. A-Rod’s was only known because of the trial he had to testify in. We know there are already players inducted that have used something illegal without a doubt and are praised today. It’s only a matter of time before the writers feel silly for voting someone in assuming they were clean.


I think the voting should be held among former and current players. The Academy Awards and Grammys are voted among fellow peers even though many believe they are voted by “old men who don’t know the business”. Those nomination snubs and winners you disagree with are all voted among the same actors/musicians that you love. Let the Hall of Fame (and every big MLB award) be voted by the players.

I think along with others I will view Clemens and Bonds as Hall of Famers regardless. Along with Curt Schilling, they do have another chance to be voted in December with Today’s Game Committee. Let’s hope they do it right then.